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Les membres d’ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL ont entre 17 et 22 ans, et ont ramené quelque chose de neuf dans le rap cette année. Pour beaucoup, l’entrée dans leur univers s’est faite avec l’album de leur leader, Tyler The Creator, un violeur multirécidiviste de 17 ans à l’époque, habité par Satan et le fantôme d’Adolf Hitler.

Si son album reste encore au sommet de nos écoutes iTunes, il partage aussi ces firmaments avec ceux d’autres membres de son crew : Earl Sweatshirt, Mellowhype, Domo Genesis, Mike G, etc… Vous pouvez récupérer chacun de ces albums ainsi que deux mixtapes gratuitement sur leur tumblr : Seul Bastard de Tyler n’est plus disponible, et comme il est indispensable, le voici :

BASTARD – TYLER, THE CREATOR (Album/Depositfiles)

Si vous ne connaissez pas encore Odd Future, entamons un petit rattrapage.

PBS: Présentez vous pour les Français qui ne vous connaissent pas encore. 

Domo Genesis : I am Domo Genesis. Straight out of Los Angeles, California. Single parent underprivileged kid with mad talent. 19 years old.

Mike G : You can call me Mike G. I was born a wolf and raised a monster.

Matt Martians : I’m Matt Martians of The Super 3, which is the production team I am apart of alongside my partner Hal Williams. I’ve been apart of Odd Future since early 2007 back in its early stages.

Syd tha Kyd : I’m Syd, 18 years old, OFWGKTA engineer and 1 unit away from being a full-time college student.

Tyler, the Creator (qui tente de se faire passer pour un autre): I’m Taco and I love cock.

Taco Benett : That was Tyler… I’m Taco, I’m 16 and I don’t do shit…

PBS: Vous êtes plus que ça, pourriez-vous nous parler un peu de tous les membres de la meute ?

Matt Martians : Tyler, The Creator – The Mastermind of Odd Future. Easily a genius….That goes without saying…. Very humble & loyal guy too.

Earl Sweatshirt – One of the greatest rappers I’ve ever heard. Me and him were in the early stages of a project together before he *disappeared*. It’s scary because he doesn’t even know he’s a dope as he is and can be.

Domo Genesis – The resident stoner. His Rolling Papers album is the stoners anthem. That my dude, me and him have a crazy track on Rolling Papers 2. I love that he wants to get better. He’s been calling me alot lately with new verses he’s been writing and I’m impressed everytime.

Mike G – haha Mike G is too cool man, we have also determined that his music is best when high. The songs « Timeless » & « Crazy » are classics.. Me and him have some stuff in the works too for my album and his.

Hodgy Beats – Hodgy has become a MONSTER. Thats all ima say…. The new Mellowhype and the stuff for his album… wow. One thing I’ve always like about Hodgy is that he is open to different types of beats. He doesn’t restrict himself to strictly « Hip Hop » beats.

Taco Benett : Tyler is bi-polar like Ras B.. Hodgy Is a tennis coach.. Left Brain is a History Teacher at Crenshaw High School.. Domo is brian pumpers hypeman.. Mike G is a Gymnastics teacher.. Syd is a boy physical education teacher.. Jasper is 40 in high school and poses as a marques houston look a like on BET after dark.. Matt Martian is a dentist.. and Earl is on a fishing trip.

Mike G : Special shout-outs, of course, go to Taco Bennett and Jasper Dolphin. This is my family. Very fucked up, but far from dysfunctional.

Syd tha Kyd : Jasper is a dolphin/skate master. Taco is my younger sibling, unfortunately.

PBS: C’est un sujet qui revient souvent dans vos chansons à tous, vous semblez avoir un problème avec les filles…

Domo Genesis : Haha. Left Brain has the most bitches. But I look the best. haha.

Mike G : Jasper probably fucked the most girls. But Syd gets the most bitches, even though she might not like to admit it.

Syd tha Kyd : I have the most bitches… Kidding. Jasper totally takes the cake on that one.

Matt Martians : My son TACO of course. Haha

Taco Benett : I GOT BITCHES

PBS: Dans les papiers sur vous on évoque un peu toujours les mêmes influences, et d’abord des influences globales du groupe. Mais individuellement qu’est-ce que vous a marqué ?

Domo Genesis : I really dont have too many influences. I never had footsteps to follow man, I paved my own way and learned from mistakes. I find inspiration in the things I know that are soon to come and the pleasing of the listeners.

Mike G : Proof of D12, because he’s like the realest rapper I’ve ever listened to. Muhammad Ali, because he’s the greatest, plain and simple. If he isn’t then there is no one that can prove it. Another one would be Steven King because the things that he comes up with are so dope.

Matt Martians :  I’m influence by lighting. Like the way something is lit really inspires me. But band wise I’m influence by Jamiroquaï , Of Montreal, Garl Wilson & N.E.R.D.

Syd tha Kyd : On my behalf, my biggest influences are Erykah Badu, N*E*R*D, M.I.A, MGMT, and a BUNCH of other people I must leave out for the sake of space. As for the group, I’d say our overall influences include (but are not limited to) N*E*R*D, Waka Flocka, Andre 3000, a bunch of Stones Throw artists, a BUNCH more artists that would take too long to list, and generally disturbing images.

Taco Benett : I like shiny shit, adventure time, jackass and bacon. Waffles are the shit too.

PBS: Puisqu’il est une autre de vos obsessions, vous pensez qu’Hitler aurait été fan de votre musique ?

Domo Genesis : Haha I think Hitler would be confused on how fucking sinister we are.

Mike G : Hitler probably would be scared of us.

Matt Martians : Prolly i know Tyler would wanna collab.

Syd tha Kyd : I don’t think Hitler would have been a big fan. He’d probably be flattered in the ways we reference him, but I don’t think he’d ever come to a show (which would probably be best).

PBS: Question existentielle, quels sont vos buts dans la vie ?

Domo Genesis : My goals in life are to live a finer life, better than average. Let my mom retire young. Get recognition for my music…; oh and to have oversized furniture in my house…

Mike G : Its hard to set goals when life is moving so fast but i’d say my goals are to own at least 2 Porsche’s, have a numerous amount of models for girlfriends, own a couple houses, and still have an obscene amount of money

Syd tha Kyd : To make a lotta money and be happy.

Matt Martians : To have a collection of mixed girls. Haha

Taco Benett : I want to make money and I want a tour bus full of bitches.

PBS: Vous commencez tout juste à faire de la scène, le premier show avait l’air complètement dingue…

Domo Genesis : I wasn’t at the first show, but it was a success. The fans came out and showed love. It was amazing.

Mike G : Yeah the last show we did was at a place called Low End Theory in Los Angeles. It was one of the only shows where nothing happened that fucked up the entire night. I’d go as far as to say that it was the best show Odd Future has had so far.

Matt Martians : Was not there, I’ll be at the next one tho. According to Syd The Kyd its the happiest she’s seen everybody and judging from the footage I see why.

Syd tha Kyd : The show at Low End Theory was swag. I don’t think any of us expected it to go as well as it did. The audience was so supportive. We hope to do many more shows in the future.

Tyler : The show was the shit, I swagged it out. Mellowhype killed it, we missed domo and mike g slowed it down for all the ladies..

PBS: A part ce que font les membres de votre crew, vous écoutez quoi en ce moment ?

Domo Genesis : I’m listening to alot of old shit. Old Redman and Outkast. Alot of Oddfuture shit… and instrumentals..
Also alot of Kid Cudi.

Mike G : I honestly haven’t been listening to nothing but OFWGKTA for a while. There isn’t really any artists to get excited about anymore. Pretty much every relatively ‘new’ or ‘hot’ artist is trash, with the exception of Wiz Khalifa. He’s pretty tight.

Matt Martians : Ha right now im listening to Quadron’s new album … »False Priest » by Of Montreal … « Nothing » by N.E.R.D.. « Rolling Papers » by Domo Genesis & « Sleepys Themes » by Sleepy Brown.

Syd tha Kyd : I don’t keep up with new music that much. Most of the stuff I listen to is outdated. Most current projects I’ve been listening to are Jet Age of Tomorrow, Kanye’s new stuff (I guess) and M.I.A’s latest album (which is kind of old now). Most of this new stuff is wack. I am waiting on that new N*E*R*D to drop though.

Tyler : Waka Flocka. Lil B, Soulja Boy, Brian Pumper, Wiz Khalifa, Three 6 mafia, and N*E*R*D and OF shit too.

PBS: Je ne sais pas si vous savez, en ce moment en France, il y a pas mal de jeunes dans les rues, des affrontements avec la police…

Domo Genesis : I don’t know the deal over there or why the fight is going down. But I know I would fight for what I believed in too. Being a pushover doesn’t get you anything. But I’m not one to throw wood to a fire.

Mike G : Do whatever the fuck makes you happy. Let OFWGKTA be the soundtrack to life.

Matt Martians : AHAH Well if yall are gonna riot go to and download everything at the top and play that while you fukk shyt up!

Syd tha Kyd : I’d say try not to get yourself killed, but keep fighting in whatever ways possible. Swag it out.

Tyler : Fuck the police. Fuck all that shit. Do what u want to do. WOLF GANG!!!

PBS: Si vous avez quoi que ce soit à ajouter…

Domo Genesis : MellowHype Blackened White October 31 OddFuture.Com Swag That Shit Out.

Mike G : Check out and download everything at the top.

Matt Martians : Hi Mom. Paris we love you! ayyyyye GOLF WANG.

Syd tha Kyd : Shout outs to my hood, everybody thats been helping us push this music, and all of our supporters. We appreciate you. And DOWNLOAD MELLOWHYPE – BLACKENEDWHITE ON HALLOWEEN 10/31/10 AT ODDFUTURE.COM.

Taco Benett : Mellowhype on halloween. Fucking TTDD album coming soon….. My porn with all zekes bitches coming soon too.


Ce soir les membres d’Odd Future sont à New York pour faire écouter le nouvel album de MellowHype (Left Brain + HodgyBeats). Il sort demain pour le commun des mortels et sera dispo sur leur blog, comme le reste. Des featurings de tous les membres, même de Earl qui a pourtant mystérieusement disparu (Il devrait réapparaitre bientôt, FREE EARL) et un morceau en hommage à la police, juste pour vous jeunes émeutiers Français. A venir également l’album de TTDD, leur groupe de R’N’B produit par Syd tha Kyd (Syd est une jeune femme au fait, si ce n’est pas clair pour tout le monde).

En attendant, Tyler a un message à passer. Il n’a pas été très bavard aujourd’hui, simplement parce qu’il avait la tête ailleurs. Mais il sait que les Français sont très forts à ça et peuvent l’aider, Jacques Pradel type of shit:

Credits photos: Vyron Turner, Wolf Haley And Taco Bennett